Where We Came From

Producers Livestock History

Producers Livestock Marketing Association was created during a meeting of 27 livestock representatives and farm organizations held on May 19, 1936, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The meeting was led by the President of the National Livestock Marketing Association with the purpose of opening a Producers House – marketing agency on the Omaha market. Omaha was the second largest livestock market in the United States at the time. Representation on a local level was needed over that of a national level.

Articles and By-Laws were written, and a funding plan to raise $25,000 was put together. The understanding was that if funds were secured by the meeting of the National Board in Chicago on June 15, 1936, a committee with the power to act would negotiate the purchase of a commissions house, stockyards and facilities on the market. Finances appeared to be available for the successful operation of the business. In 1939, Producers was the 38th leading livestock broker on the Omaha Market. In 1942, we were 7th, and by 1946 we were 1st, never looking back.

As markets changed, Producers Livestock Omaha handled business for, then acquired, Producers Livestock in St. Joseph, Missouri. In 1984, we merged with Producers Livestock in Sioux City, Iowa, also acquiring the Commodity Division. In 1994, Producers Livestock Credit Corporation, then in Lincoln, Nebraska, was purchased as a wholly owned subsidiary, and finally in 2018, Producers Commodities, LLC was also purchased as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Today we offer a triad of services: marketing for cattle and hogs, a credit division for financial services and a commodity division to help manage risk through price protection.

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Producers Livestock offers livestock sourcing and marketing, commodities trading and hedging and loans and credit facilities to farmers and processors in the Midwestern US and Central Plains.

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